RAW FICTION means something between a rough draft and what the hell am I doing here. That applies to most of my writing nowadays. Taking the idea to the page is hard enough as it is. Shaping and polishing it and cleaning up the damn typos are things I’m not necessarily good at anymorSUGAR SKULL WEBe. If you believe in the left-brain/right-brain theory of cognition, there’s a logical side where you can do math and remember to take out the garbage; then there’s a creative side where you feel empathy for the homeless  and write poetry in the shower. In fact, these functions are scrambled all over the brain, but the concept of left and right is still useful as a metaphor for different kinds of competency. I have difficulty writing logically with my so-called left brain but oddly enough I’m having a lot of fun writing fiction on the right side. The problem is that both sides need each other. The left side needs a jolt of right-side creativity to get off its rigid ass. The right side badly needs editing from the left, which is my predicament.  So I call it raw fiction.



Q-MARKThe original idea behind this web site was to show some of my unfinished work, buck naked, in the raw.  I thought feedback from left brains out there might be very useful. In particular I had short stories in mind. But that plan hit the rocks when I learned  that anything you post on your website could be construed as “published” by the people you want to publish virgin prose. I’m taking my chances by posting “unedited drafts.”



My novel, My Life as a Cadaver, is a different animal. It will alwasys be raw.  I worked on it for six yeara, wrote five drafts, did four re-writes, went through three periods of despair, had two halleluja moments and put it under a rock for one year after my old publisher politely rejected it. I since learned there’s no shame in self-publishing these days, so that’s what I did. It’s an imperfect book. My Life as a Cadaver breaks the conventioal rules of publishing because it doesn’t fit neatly into any particular genre.  It’s a hybrid. It’s fish and fowl. It’s a mystery, a fantasy, a romance and a fictional memoir wrapped in the guise of a literary work.  Where’s the shelf in the booksore for this book? “Other?”






Levi’s Children, is still relevant to current affairs: Labor abuse in overseas factories making goods for U.S. companies. But it’s languishing in the bowels of Amazon.com, where a used copies of the paperback can be purchased for less than a dollar. The hardcover is priced at $2.48. I can sell you a signed copy for  $24.99.



Before news publications went electronic in the 1980s,  librarians painstakingly clipped articles and stuffed them in  file cabinets and special  boxes .collectively called  the Morgue. This section of the website is where my journalism has gone to die. It’s linked to the archive of news articles that are preserved in formaldehyde on my old website. Consider that the Non-Fiction site-within-the-site, constructed before I gave up on the idea of writing serious prose .