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WEBMUG999I’m a writer based in San Francisco’s East Bay area. I recently published the novel My Life as a Cadaver:  A Survivor’s Tale. The second edition of the book camd out in September with revisions basedbon feedback from readers. Lately I’ve been writing a collection of short stories.

Before concentrating on fiction writing I was a journalist for some twenty-five years. I worked in Japan and Asia as a foreign correspondent for the Los Angeles Times and other publications. I wrote the non-fiction book Levi’s Children, which concerns human rights in the global economy.

You could call me a Japan hack. I graduated from college with a degree in Japanese language & literature then studied modern literature in Kyoto. I lived in Japan as a student and then a newspaperman for a total of ten years. Like it or not, I continue to labor under the influence of Japanese writers from the Taisho Era.

I was a cab driver in San Francisco and a social worker in Oakland before becoming a reporter. I have three remarkable daughters and a part-time black cat.

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