My Life as a Cadaver


A Survivor’s Tale


The novel, set in San Francisco’s Mission District, tells the story of brain cancer survivor Raul Barlow, who goes on a midnight stroll and finds himself in an awkward position: He’s dead. Not from cancer but from a fatal hit-and-run accident that strikes him down just hours before he was to meet his lost love, the tempestuous Christina.

The police assume the victim is a homeless man because he isn’t carrying identification. But the hard-drinking rogue coroner on the case, Leo, sees an uncanny resemblance to himself in the corpse’s mien and sets out on a personal quest to discover the name of the deceased and investigate the story of his life.

Eventually the coroner identifies Barlow and finds his house, where he reads the hand-written journals and computer files the dead man left behind. He searches for Christina as well and in doing so falls in love with her in a morbid ménage à trois.

OSIRUS LOGO JPEGThis book might be best described as noir-memoir wrapped in a mystery-suspense puzzle. It’s about untimely death, rocky romance, stubborn survival and bounless joy and gratude. The hero is a hungryghost who wanders the twilight of mortality, clinging to  his corporal attachments while his obsessive-compulsive medical examiner flips through the pages of his past and present.  The inquest unfolds in vignettes based on cascading memories that may or may not be true. There are no vampires or zombies in this book. The sex and gore scenes are PG-rated. The macabre and moments of phantasmagoria are tastefully executed.  It’s a quirky novel that is sometimes ironic, sometimes maudlin and sometimes dead serious. My Life as a Cadaver brings to life a survivor’s  story that can only be revealed  and relived after experiencing a touch with  death.



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